The SOLAR ONE Split System Collector:


The SOLAR ONE collector can be installed on most roof surfaces, and can easily be adjusted to achieve the perfect incidence angle. All nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. Installation is very quick and easy.

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The SOLAR ONE Standard Evacuated Tube:

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The SOLAR ONE evacuated tube is actually a concentric-glass product with improved geometry and performance.

Two concentric glass tubes are closed on one side, forming a hemisphere, and fused and hermetically sealed with each other on the other side (evacuated insulation).

To use solar energy, the internal glass tube is coated with an environmentally friendly, highly absorbing layer on the outside, thus turning it into an absorber.

The coating is protected in the evacuated space. The aluminium nitride sputter coating used is characterized by extremely low emission.

The SOLAR ONE High Performance Evacuated Tube:


The SOLAR ONE high performance evacuated tubes have been developed from the basic standard evacuated tubes, these tubes have higher absorption (> 95 %) and lower emittance (< 5 %) than the traditional selective coated surfaces.

The sputtering selective-coating absorber has high resistance to long-term vapour condensation, corrosive sulphur dioxide and high operating temperature.

The effective resistance measured in the test is equivalent to a product life span exceeding 15 years. Good absorber material should have excellent heat transmission, good resistance to corrosion as well as good welding ability.

The SOLAR ONE System Controller, Pump, and Fittings:

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